For a few years I’ve wanted to build a porch swing out back. I wasn’t sure how to hang it (and that’s another video), but it didn’t stop me from designing one from scratch. Plans will be up on a blog post on my website soon (link below). Comment below and let me know what you think of the end result and if you’d like to see how I attached the braces to hang it. Thanks to Armor Tool for sponsoring this build. You can check them out here.


Drill –
Router –
Swing Kit –
Bandsaw –


Canon T4i –
Nifty Fifty Lens –
Stock Lens for –



Chris Salomone (Four Eyes Furniture) and Brad Rodriguez (Fix This Build That) have an amazing YouTube Channel, and all of their videos have inspired me to tighten up my own. Here’s a link to their channels, so go show him some love by subscribing. I also help support Brad on patreon.
I also found Chris Johnson through Chris Salomone. You can check him out by clicking the link here.