We had some fun with this video. I take my love for Sexy Poplar (which could not be put in the title) and create a one of a kind coffee pour over base. This video was more about having fun and building something simple. I was contacted through Instagram by a local videographer to shoot my next build. I said yes, and this was the final product. Which I’m very happy with. I tend to video and edit most of my own build videos, but this was a nice change of pace.

Sexy Poplar is something I discovered in a local hardwood shop a couple years ago and have been drawn to building things from it ever since. If you have an idea of something else you’d like to see me make out of this gorgeous wood, leave a comment below.

You can check out my buddies Instagram in this link. He’s the one who shot and edited the entire video.

We may do more of these style videos, so please let me know what you like and what you’d like to see in future videos.