We recently moved 15 minutes away to a nearby city and a new home. This allowed me to start with a clean slate, but again with a one car garage. The first thing I needed and didn’t have at the old house was a Miter Saw Station. That’s where this little sweetie came into play.

I drew up the plans on a few pieces of paper, made some modifications during the build process, and had a very good friend of mine, Clay Ungashick, translate those plans to Sketch Up, which you can find on the BuildSomething.Com’s website.

The video and plans were sponsored by Kreg Tool, which is an amazing brand. I’ve worked with them several times and have always enjoyed using the tools I’ve purchased from them. They make very well thought out and functional tools and accessories for woodworkers.

After sharing a few pictures of this on Instagram, there’s been concern about the Breaker Panel being right where the miter saw will kick up dust. Don’t worry, just focus on the miter saw station for now. When in use I use a shop vac and connect a hose to the saw which catches most of the dust. The excess dust is cleaned every night with the vacuum as well. I will be adding a second removable cover to the Breaker Panel that will completely keep all dust and particles out of the Panel. Hopefully, you will find a modification to this issue in the next few weeks. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I also had several questions about the cabinets, drawers, and “saddles.” Everyone makes their pieces a little different, but this is how I learned at a local cabinet shop I worked at for a year. I see the potential for maybe a few break off videos explaining how I make saddles and drawers in greater detail.

I did not go into great detail on some of the processes of this build mainly because it is so big and I knew most of it would be covered in the plans posted to BuildSomething.com. If you have ideas for other videos be sure to let me know.

As always, I learned a lot on this build. Things I can apply to the next video and build as well. Thank you to everyone for watching and be sure to Subscribe, Click the bell for notifications, Like and Comment.

All music to this video is from EpidemicSound.com.